The Tank

Paper making is an act of devotion. Beginning from the raw fiber process, to consumption of time when pulling many sheets, the labor is deliberately intensive and repetitive from start to finish. Finding beauty in every step of the process from raw material, bamboo in this case, developing a mantra is calming and inspiring.

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Nona Orbach  Israel, 2008

Nona Orbach
Israel, 2008

The Mediterranean views, land and sea, in art and literature – are a part of me; If I contemplate on them from above as of from a plane – they turn out to be abstract.
When I observe them from the side, they become symbolic.
If I apply blue, I bring the ocean and sweet water to the surface.
If I use gold – icons appear.
If I write a Hebrew letter or a Japanese kanji – I put a person in the landscape with all his longings.

I am moved by Nona Orbach’s voice. I give you a taste of her words, and to see her artist books.

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The Spirit Books

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The Spirit Books Susan Kapuscinzki Gaylord Newburyport, Massachussets 1992-ongoing

The Spirit Books
Susan Kapuscinzki Gaylord
Massachusetts 1992-ongoing

The Spirit Books offer a meditative engagement with the spirit of nature. They are wordless contemplative objects—part sculpture and part book—that are made with natural materials and handmade papers to celebrate the beauty and meaning of nature found in small things gathered rather than landscapes and vistas viewed.

The Spirit Books bring together my love of the book and my response to the natural world that we see and the invisible one that lies behind it. I feel a deep connection to older powers as I gather twigs, branches, vines, and roots. Using them to cradle books, I link them to the longstanding tradition of books as testaments of faith and belief. Each page is a meditation that echoes nature with both repetition and variety. “Reading” the book is meant to be a contemplative experience that takes the reader out of the everyday world and into a state of gratitude and reverence.

Susan Kapuscinzki Gaylord <>

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Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit


Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit Elina Lundahl, 2013

Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit
Elina Lundahl
Finland, 2013

The familiar Latin phrase Omnia mutantur, nihil interit in this context lends itself to an obscure study of my homeland; both my mental and my physical home, the core place where I come from or where I am perhaps heading to.

Boards covered with chocolate brown Harmatan goatskin, closure mechanism devised of blue-black raku button around which waxed linen thread can be wrapped. Original landscape illustration made with acrylics, ink and Derwent coloured pencil on archival pastel cardstock. The other side of the accordion is painted black with Indian ink.

Miniature accordion binding
Sized 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm closed
One of a kind, signed

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Two Lives

Two Lives Kimberly Maher United States, 2014

Two Lives
Kimberly Maher
Iowa, 2014

Helen_closed Helen_Bag

This was my MFA thesis work. I received a CBAA Project Assistance grant for this book, and was awarded The 2014 Movable Book Society Emerging Paper Engineer.

Two Lives was adapted from Daniel Wallace’s imaginative and heartfelt tale, The Kings and Queens of Roam. The text is reprinted with kind permission from the author. Two Lives is a movable pop-up artist book letterpress printed from photopolymer plates using Bulmer type and hand-drawn illustrations developed from scratch film negatives. Featuring hand-cut elements and pochoir accents, the book is enclosed in a four-flap portfolio wrapper. By pulling and pushing tabs, lifting flaps, and physically manipulating the characters the viewer is encouraged to take an active role in the reading.

(Edition size 30)

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Some Specimins

Some Specimens Jody Williams, Flying Paper Press United States, 2005

Some Specimens
Jody Williams, Flying Paper Press
United States, 2005

Some Specimens features poems, and drawings of specimens collected in County Claire, Ireland. Each cover contains its own specimen, a tiny shell from Galway Bay, where I spent a semester tutoring students from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design at the Burren College of Art. During my early wanderings, I began picking up interesting specimens of plant and animal life, and drawing one of them every evening in a small sketchbook. Throughout the semester my journal kept my notes from a range of Irish writings and field guides, along with observations and thoughts about collecting evidence as a way to document place and experience, and about the sources and inherent meanings of the specimens themselves.

Digital prints, handmade font

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Dictionary Yo Yamazaki Japan, 2008

Yo Yamazaki
Japan, 2008

Dictionary Yo Yamazaki, Japan, 2008

I love art, but often find it difficult to bring with me. Books, on the other hand are useful, come in many different styles and can be a portable form of art that I can take with me wherever I go. I love using books as much as I enjoy sharing them with my friends. This dictionary is a good expression of who I am and what my work is all about.

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