centering + return

Regula Russlle and Tari Goerlitz mediate on Regula's piece, centering + return.

Regula Russelle, Cedar Fence Press
United States, 2012
Regula and Tari Goerlitz contemplate

Regula Russelle says, centering + return is a poetic meditation on the dialectic between action and repose. The labyrinth is, among other things, a pilgrimage. It concerns wholeness. It is also a commentary on the beauty of limits, a central theme in my current work. (Letterpress, hand-cast paper)

– an ongoing exhibition of A Sense of Place in Artist Books at the University of Minnesota Architecture library until 12 December 2012 – just under 100 books – curated by Karen Kinoshita


About sense of place in artist books

I am an artist. I find the ephemeral place in my art conjured up through practice. I sift through raw materials with my hopes and dreams, and ideas take form as if intended.
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