A sample of Liver & Lights titles…


The Yellow Moon in Brockwell Park
Liver & Lights No. 34
United Kingdom, 2005

The story of a racist and how his dog escapes to live up along the railway tracks with the foxes.

Gocco printed, some rubber-stamped


Van Gig Zine
J Bently, K. Round, Afterrabbit; Liver & Lights No. 37
United Kingdom, 2007

Book and DVD Celebrating legendary Van Gig at Canterbury arms wherein we invited the audience to bring hand made instruments to perform with us, and bits of my life.

Hand printed, Gocco printed, rubber-stamped


manifestozine2 Manifestozine
Liver & Lights No. 38

What we most passionately believe. Book made and given away free at Winchester School of Art/UWE Bristol artists’ books conference at which Legendary Afterrabbit performed.



A Book of Fife Heroes
Liver & Lights, No. 25

A book made in Fife from stories and fragments collected in that region, most of them from children.


A Handful of Memories, Dundee
Liver and Lights, No. 29

Life fragments from five Dundee residents…. A community revealed through a handful of memories.


About sense of place in artist books

I am an artist. I find the ephemeral place in my art conjured up through practice. I sift through raw materials with my hopes and dreams, and ideas take form as if intended.
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