The Topography of Home


The Topography of Home
Macy Chadwick, In Cahoots Press
United States, 2009

The Topography of Home is an attempted reconciliation of living in the present while longing for a remembered hometown. Letterpress printed maps convey a more emotional than geographical terrain; events and places are recorded and revisited, worried over and examined. Silk tissue apertures punctuate the pages offering the reader glimpses of previous and subsequent images. This sequential aspect of the book literally and metaphorically has the reader both seeing the past through the present and looking forward through history’s gauze.

Designed, written and printed by Macy Chadwick, The Topography of Home was letterpress printed with pressure prints and polymer plates on Mohawk Superfine and blue Butcher paper. Window images were hand-stenciled on silk tissue.

Storage book binding: 10.5 x 14 inches, open: Limited edition of 50.


About sense of place in artist books

I am an artist. I find the ephemeral place in my art conjured up through practice. I sift through raw materials with my hopes and dreams, and ideas take form as if intended.
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