Two Lives

Two Lives Kimberly Maher United States, 2014

Two Lives
Kimberly Maher
Iowa, 2014

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This was my MFA thesis work. I received a CBAA Project Assistance grant for this book, and was awarded The 2014 Movable Book Society Emerging Paper Engineer.

Two Lives was adapted from Daniel Wallace’s imaginative and heartfelt tale, The Kings and Queens of Roam. The text is reprinted with kind permission from the author. Two Lives is a movable pop-up artist book letterpress printed from photopolymer plates using Bulmer type and hand-drawn illustrations developed from scratch film negatives. Featuring hand-cut elements and pochoir accents, the book is enclosed in a four-flap portfolio wrapper. By pulling and pushing tabs, lifting flaps, and physically manipulating the characters the viewer is encouraged to take an active role in the reading.

(Edition size 30)


About sense of place in artist books

I am an artist. I find the ephemeral place in my art conjured up through practice. I sift through raw materials with my hopes and dreams, and ideas take form as if intended.
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One Response to Two Lives

  1. Lisa says:

    Such inspiring work. Thank you.

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